Between the mountains and the ocean, surrounded by acres of coconut palms is a quiet beach town where time seems to have stood still. It is the type of place you did not think existed anymore.

Nestled among the coconut palms and banana plantations, Cuyutlan, at one time, was the playground of the rich and famous from Guadalajara and Colima City.  In the days of rail travel, the passenger trains stopped weekly to deposit tourists along Cuyutlan’s shores.  What made Cuyutlan desirable was the beach, with its soft dark volcanic sand and blocks of “puestos” (small beach restaurants on the sand) with their colorful umbrellas that offered some of the freshest and tastiest seafood anywhere.  It was a wonderful hideaway for families escaping the big city, where they were able to enjoy the tranquility of a small beach village

Over the last several decades with highways and airports being built, Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta have drawn a vast majority of foreign tourists. Cuyutlan, however, has remained a haven for generations of those families that still come to enjoy what their parents and grandparents did so many years ago.

There have been struggles over the last several years, but the resilient locals have managed to keep their stores, souvenir shops, and hotels alive and running.  A beautiful boardwalk or “malecón” has been built, on which the “puestos” still line the beach, serving their great seafood.  All of the Mexican holidays are celebrated in Cuyutlan, with several thousand people visiting over the course of November first through Easter.

The past few years new visitors have felt the charm of the swaying palms and the beautiful beach. Some lovely homes have been built along the beach road that leads to a wildlife refuge, while the village enjoys some restoration and newly built residences.  The beachfront properties are affordable and “Baby Boomers” are taking advantage of the location and affordability. We are 3 hours away from Lake Chapala and the village of Ajijic (the largest ex pat retirement community outside of the US). Many of those residents are beginning to discover Cuyutlan and have week end homes here. We also have residents who still live in Canada or the US and escape winter to this tropical paradise. Some savvy gringos have been buying building lots with an eye to finally retiring in the next decade and building their dream homes.



Cuyutlan is legendary for its sea salt and production dates back before the Spanish arrived here. In fact the salt was so prized the the nearby town of Armeria takes it's name from the garrison (or armory) which was stationed there to protect this valuable resource.  During the spring the salt is harvested from the Pacific Ocean salt bays, located just north west of the village.   A salt museum, Museo De Sal, has been built, noting the long history of the salt business.  The dioramas and pictorials give you a true sense of this labor intensive process.

Just about one mile outside the village to the east, along the beach road, is the celebrated “Tortugario” (turtle sanctuary) where dedicated people donate time and money for the  preservation of the wonderful sea turtle.  There are daily tours and a weekly release of these magnificent creatures in the season. It is a popular bus trip for school children from neighboring states.  Located within the “Tortugario” is a dramatic lagoon where awesome wildlife and beautiful birds flourish.  The lagoon, the Palo Verde, is one of Mexico's 13 Natural Wonders and a national treasure.   A boat trip is available for bird watching.



Many people relate to Cuyutlan as the home of the Big Green Wave or “Ola Verde” and surfers delight in the challenge these waves, in some cases 10 meters, affords them during the late spring and early summer.




Cuyutlan is located just twenty minutes from Manzanillo and a short 30 minute drive to Colima.  Both of these remarkable cities have an abundance of shopping and sightseeing.  Manzanillo with its shipping port and exclusive resort hotel area offers a short day trip.  On the other hand Colima, a bustling colonial city, offers upscale shopping, museums and cultural venues.  Even further north, about 7 miles of Colima is Comala, where one gets some great  souvenir shopping and spectacular views of  one of Mexico’s most active volcanoes, Volcan de Fuego de Colima.

Whether you desire a holiday of sun and relaxation or a beach community that offers retirement opportunities, Cuyutlan will not disappoint you with some of the most dazzling sunsets and serene living anywhere in the world. We love it and to us it is paradise. Come and discover if you feel the same.