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Former coconut palm ranch on the Pacific Coast just outside Cuyutlan on the way to Manzanillo. Access from the east bound lane of the main Manzanillo – Colima auto pista. Property has a principle residence and a smaller care takers home. Lot is cleared and leveled with black top road running the width of the property (the original single lane road to Manzanillo) with 2 roads leading to the Pacific Ocean frontage on each end of the property and another Oceanside road making the property easy to show. Property is currently divided into 6 escrituras (deeds) with each lot having its own ocean frontage. Current owner is selling all lots together but a new owner could then easily subdivide for development


  • 22 hectares of property (220,000 m2 or 54.36 acres)
  • 600 meters of ocean front (1968 feet)
  • Land is cleared and planted with coconut palms
  • Slight ridge runs the length of property maximizing ocean views and breezes in the last third of the width from the ocean
  • 1 paved road running length of property east to west
  • 2 hard packed roads connecting paved road to beach front on each end of property
  • 1 hard packed road running along beach front
  • Principle residence is well maintained large 2 story house (2 bedroom – 3 bath) with ocean as well as mountain views and terraces
  • Secondary building is caretakers cottage at the entrance to the property
  • Fresh water well on property
  • Direct access to property from the Manzanillo – Colima highway
  • Large 8 meter wide (26 foot wide) entrance from highway
  • Electrical lines run to property
  • 68 km (42 miles) to Playa de Oro International Airport in Manzanillo ( the largest international airport in Colima state and important tourism gateway)
  • 285 km (177 miles) to Guadalajara (Mexico’s second largest city and source of visitors who frequent beach resorts)
  • Clear title (non Ejido land). Some large tracts of land in Mexico are communal Indigenous lands which are problematic to receive clear unencumbered title. This is not the case with this land and the title is clear.
  • Mature coconut groves
  • Local labor pool in the nearby town of Cuyutlan

This lush oceanfront paradise with its unspoiled private beach frontage, substantial acreage, infrastructure and accessibility lend it to several potential buyers and possibilities of development.

A Real Estate Investor would appreciate the potential of the property but with an eye of reselling in the future.  This client is looking for a safe place to “park” capital secure in the knowledge that such properties are rare and that they will increase in value over time. The structure for maintaining this property with an income from the coconut palms is already in place with the current caretaker and should be empathized. Since it is not solely raw land but has 2 structures currently on the property, capital gains tax is minimized (capital gains for a residence is less than undeveloped land when resold in the future). As other areas of the coast are developed and such acreage becomes harder to find, this may be viewed as a secure investment and should increase in value. 

A Real Estate Developer would be attracted to the many positive aspects of the property. The fact it is currently held in 6 separate deeds for easy division and the fact each of these lots has its own beach front. The fact it has power utility already in place (no additional expense to run power lines). The fact it has the interior roads in place and has highway access. This client would appreciate the proximity to Manzanillo with its expanding middle and upper middle class. Developing beachfront homes for either executives from Manzanillo or vacation homes for affluent residents of Colima, Guadalajara or the foreign retirees on Lake Chapala.  The acreage of this lot would allow a Cayman or an 18 hole pitch and putt course (25 to 30 acres) and still leave 25 to 30 acres for luxury homes.

A Major Hotel or Resort Company would appreciate that they would have sufficient acreage to develop a destination resort with a private beach, restaurant, spa, as well as timeshare villas. They could also have space for expansion in the future. Depending on their vision for this resort they could include a small 18 hole pitch and putt or Cayman golf course and the remaining 25 to 30 acres would be more than sufficient for the above mentioned resort. The proximity to Playa de Oro airport allows for foreign tourists to escape the winter to our exceptional climate. They could also tap into convention tourism with meeting rooms; which could also be marketed to domestic business travelers. The fact that the resort is outside the current Manzanillo tourist zone is appealing as it keeps visitor’s spending to this resort’s own bars, restaurants and spas. There is a lack of luxury resorts in Manzanillo (in fact outside of the Puerto Vallarta area 4 hours away).  There is also a large labor pool in nearby Cuyutlan to staff such a resort and excursion destinations such as the Turtle sanctuary, hatchery and wild life preserve (in Cuyutlan), the prehispanic salt harvesting (in Cuyutlan) and the nearby volcano in Colima. The flor de sal which is harvested in Cuyutlan (this precious salt is rarely harvested outside of France) could well be the inspiration for a luxury spa with salt baths and skin treatments).

Nearby Guadalajara currently represents a large percentage of this areas weekend visitors but there are no venues which cater the cities affluent citizens. Lake Chapala is only 3 hours away and has the largest expat retirement community outside the United States. This population has disposable income and often travels to the coast. Several residents of Lake Chapala have weekend homes in Cuyutlan but there is currently no upscale dining, spa or recreational venues for these nearby home owners or their guests.

Information provided is not official and is subject to unintentional error and / or omission

Price: $22,000,000 Mexican Pesos
Lot m2:220,000

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